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Summary of the Book:

The Answer to Civil Unrest in the Land

This Book contains insightful information pertaining to causative factors that leads to Civil Unrest. The writer, Retired Chief of Police, Colonel William Harrison of the Capitol Heights Police Department located in Prince George’s County, Maryland provide readers with first-hand information regarding Civil Unrest based on 38 years of law enforcement experience (1965-2002).  He was a police officer during those turbulent years which involved riots and violence caused by outside elements that infiltrated peaceful protesters marching for Equal Rights and Justice under the Law. 

This book also provides solutions regarding preventive measures to be taken in an effort to prevent possible future occurrences. Citizens of America know from the Mass Demonstrations this past summer of the potential for Civil Unrest occurring again in the country due to the contentious upcoming Presidential Election on November 3rd.      

Lastly, this resource content provides valuable information for local Community activists, and leaders, City and town elected officials, Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Officers, and State and Federal Governments.


Colonel William Harrison

Retired Chief of Police (2002)

Capitol Heights, MD

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